Whole Plant Nutrition

All of our hemp is American grown on federally permitted small family owned and operated industrial hemp research and development farms. Every batch of hemp used to manufacture our whole plant nutrition powder is lab tested for all cannabinoid profiles, food safety and THC compliancy is not to exceed 0.3%. This is federal law industrial hemp food compliant exactly like any other industrial hemp food product you buy at your local food store.

The heart icon is a guarantee that our hemp products are made from American hemp grown on small federal/state permitted family owned and operated industrial hemp farms. Our all natural pesticide free heritage hemp is hand planted and only harvested by hand when our hemp has the highest concentrations of cannabinoids possible. Our “Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Whole Plant Nutrition Powder” is then shipped to our small family owned and operated USDA licensed manufacturing division in Michigan, where our final products are put into FDA compliant packaging with a batch number, lot number and “best used by” date on every container to ensure the highest quality in the industry. The Whole Plant Nutrition icon is our promise to you from us that your Canna Product has been analytically tested and verified to be of the highest quality. Every product is guaranteed and if you are not satisfied we encourage you to return the unused portion of the product with your sales receipt and shipping for a full refund.