About Company

As Americas inventor of “Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Whole Plant Nutrition” hemp food powder you can expect our products to be 100% natural, vegan, Gluten Free, Allergy Free, Cannabinoid rich, omega rich, protein rich, federally legal in all 50 states and second to no other industrial hemp food products period.

Many try to copy but there is only one Whole Plant Nutrition Powder globally. Our products are unique to the health and wellness industry because we add terpenoids and cannabinoids from legal plant sources that we manufacture into our trade marked Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Whole Plant Nutrition Powder.

Our products are all analytically tested for your safety and wellbeing to ensure the highest nutrition and quality standards in the industry. It is our mission to utilize all the non-psychotropic compounds of cannabis and other legal plant sources to provide the fullest spectrum of cannabis related cannabinoids possible in all our products.

We manufacture in a USDA/MDARD facility. Our federally legal hemp research and hemp research products are protected under the federal Agricultural Act of 2014 (a.k.a 2014 Farm Bill), specifically section 7606 as we are an extension of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture MOU# 16-17-01.

All our products are made from American hemp and manufactured in the USA. We are a small family farm company.