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Customer Wellness Stories

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  • joe-brown

    I suffer daily from acute fibromyalgia. I created these products so I could treat my symptoms naturally without harmful and addictive narcotics

    Rev. Joe Brown, Founder and Product Engineer of Blue Grass Natural Remedies

  • p4

    I like the temporary natural relief I get from Canna Products without the side effect of getting high.

    Brian Wagner, Fibromyalgia sufferer

  • p3

    After years of fighting for an American hemp industry its awesome to see Canna Products being grown and manufactured in the USA legally on small family owned and operated hemp research farms.

    Jullia Kuzma, Hempster/Hemp Advocate

  • p1

    Receiving the benefits of medical marijuana without the side effect of getting high is important to my patients who want real relief naturally.

    John Cantor, Massage Therapist